Shortage of HIV/AIDS drugs (ARVs) Amidst Covid19.

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As covid19 pandemic began to spreed widely worldwide, a lot of people especially medical experts and NGOs are worried about its impart on the fight against another disturbing but manageable Virus, that’s the HIV/AIDS. 

Over the years, HIV/AIDS continue to increase in Ghana. Although there’s no known medication for it, patients on ARVs can contain the virus through regular medication.  The lives of thousands of persons living with the Virus currently hang in a balance as HIV drugs in Ghana are in shortage. 

Most of the health facilities we spoke to on conditions of anonymity claim they are in shortage of the drugs and can only attend to those with severe conditions. They also added that they are expecting delivery as soon as possible 

The data below gives the gender distribution of people living with HIV/AIDS in ghana 

Total.              334713

Males.              117199

Females.            217514

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