You can’t register to vote, Military to Voltarians in Banda.


A video making rounds on all social media platform shows how military men in uniform have interrupted the smooth electoral registration currently ongoing at Banda in the Bono region of Ghana. 

From the said Video, the military were seen preventing voltarians from registering with the excuse that they are not Ghanaians.

One community member and one of the NDC executive who wasn’t happy with the scene intervened but to no avail. 

On August 2nd, the the general secretary of the NDC, general mosquito who took it upon himself to visit the said polling station to see things was also prevented by another set of heavily armed military personnel from entering the town. 

According to the laws of the country, every Ghanaian is free to register for free at any polling station without discrimination and intimidation but this is not the case currently at Banda.

This has led to severe people questioning the Human right credentials of the president with several opposition labeling his as a “hypocrite”. Others also believe, it’s a grande scheme to disenfranchise those voltarians for whatever political reasons. 

Voltarians all over the country are not comfortable with the sad development and are calling on the government to call the military to order and allow the EC work efficiently. 

In a related development, the president has stated that he is not aware of the use of military to intimidate any one from registering and will take necessary steps to address to issue.

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