Five Businesses you can engage in before completing your tertiary education.

Business Education and Job

Finding a job immediately after completing your tertiary education is almost getting impossible.  

In this article, we are taking critical look at five businesses you can start now if you don’t want to stay home jobless after your tertiary education;

  1. Buying and Selling : the fundamental of every business is selling. Irrespective of how large or small the business is, they undertake on for of selling or the other. Buying and selling king of business don’t have to be complicated as a beginner and it shouldn’t matter your subject of study. It could take the form of talking to major distributors or buying directly from the market and selling to your peers for a profit.
  2. Home tuitions: lot of parents need dedicated people to take their children through extra classes at home. In time where  educational structure does not really allow for extra classes, you can team up with your mates and offer quality extra home tuition to students at a fee. 
  3. Blogging : the concept of blogging although can be time consuming and does not produce immediate financial result, it’s a viable option for tertiary student who wish to move away from the unemployment situation crippling the economy. You can either start by partnering a major news outlet and writing for them or you can set up you own blog and start from the scratch, either way will produce from financial freedom and serve as a source of employment.
  4. Computer repairs ; in this age where almost all household have a laptop and pc, its a viable option to venture into computer repairs and most importantly software installation. Most tertiary students posses a laptop and will need a software installation service or a repair and offering such service at a minimal fee will be a way of developing your entrepreneurial skills.
  5. Photography and editing; photography, picture editing, graphic designer is a very cool and soft skills one can learn and it really pays off. Most peers require the service of photographers and designers for their events and program and your ability to offer such service will be an advantage to stay above the unemployment saga.

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