Four ways On How To stop being a one minute man.

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One of the major headache for men in the bedroom is the issue of “one minute”. (A one minute Man can be describe as someone who suffers from premature ejaculation.) 

Due to the sensitivity of this issue, it’s very difficult for men to seek medical attention and most resort to roadside medicine that doesn’t solve the issue. In this article, we are going to look at four sure ways you can stop been a one minute man and live a happy life with your partner. 

SIMPLE EXERCISES; Exercise improves blood circulation, a key factor in a mans sexual life. For you to be active and a good sexual life as a man, you need contact simple exercise daily, this can be in the form of Jogging, armed pressing and squatting. This may look simple but very effective way to improve your sexual life 

Drinking Water; one of the most underrated way to improve your sexual life if drinking one full glass of water before and during the sex. Naturally, water improves our energy and Yamuna level, poor hydration in the tissues affects the energy generation process and leaves you with poor stamina. 

Frequent intake of ginger; Although there’s no medically proven research about ginger and sex life, it’s a common knowledge that ginger helps and boost the stamina of men. For optimum result, just pill and gently wash the ginger. Take some small size in the morning and evening by chewing it for just a week and give us a testimony.

Take lot of Fruits; Yes, taking fruits daily help improve your sexual life as a man. Fruits such as water melon and banana are great relief when it come to the bedroom work for men. Take water melon and banana and relax 30 minutes before your the bedroom hame begins. You will be surprise the outcome of the simple fruits. 

Note: kindly give us feedback after practicing any of this four suggestions. Sex is to be enjoyed and don’t rush into it. Psych yourself before the start of the game and you will enjoy the most out of it. 

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