Engage with Chymall / Sairui Mall at your own risk – SEC

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The securities and Exchange Commission,  the sole commission established by the Act to regulate and promote the securities market have warned the general public with their dealings with CHY-MALL or SAIRUI MALL.

According to the Securities and exchange Commission, it’s outfit has not issued any license to the said CHY-MALL to operate on the financial market and so any engagement or transactions with them, are at your own risk. 

Sairui mall also known as Chy mall is a new online shopping mall and they claim to present business opportunities to the youth by making them partners.

Due to the nature of their operations that involves deposit taking and payment of dividends, they need to be regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Accordingly a statement from SEC and cited by motionghnews.com, the commission has not licensed Chy-Mall or Sairui mall to undertake any of such activities.

At this point we only call on the authorities so that customers and innocent citizens will not loose their deposits. 

Check out the statement from Securities and Exchange Commission


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