Ecowas and African Union, an organization for only the political class, Why Couldn’t they help in Nigeria?

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Over the past few weeks, Nigerians have risen against police brutality and calling for a unit within the Nigerian police  Service (SARS) to be scrapped and the whole police service reformed.

Nigerian citizens could no longer contain the excessive killing, brutalities, extortions by the Special Anti-Robert Squad (SARS), a unit within the police service. According to the youths, images and Videos circulating on social media, clearly shows how the police force was abusing power. 

This has led to a nationwide strike, by the teaming youth both home and abroad. This protest was joined by well know celebrities such as wizkid, Davido, Falz, and many more.

Just as predicted, the Nigerian police service has decided to use guns and other highly sophisticated weapons on the youths who were just exercising their civic right. This action again had led to the killings and high degree of injuries. 

In some of the videos and images, police officers were seen beating and harassing innocent women as well. In one of the videos a seventy year old woman was been slapped by the officers. Lawyers were also not spared as they also received the share of the police brutalities.

The cry of most concerned people is why the African Union and surprisingly not even Ecowas issued a statement concerning the killings of the youth. Several people have questioned the importance of those organizations if they can’t intervene whiles Africa’s most populous country is killing its youth?

Due to some of this unfortunate events, a lot more youths have questioned if the African Union and the Ecowas is for only the political class? Some of the extremist are also calling for demonstrations in the next AU and Ecowas meeting. 

We call on these organizations to sit up and fight for the citizens instead of fighting for only the political and affluent class or a time will come where member citizens will withdraw from it . 

         By Mr. Emmanuel Delali

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