It’s no secret the average youth spend a lot on data, as the cost of data increases each and every time. In this internet age, data is a necessity to undertake almost all your daily activities.

For the past few days, citifm is championing a cause to compel telcos reduce the cost of data. According to the youth especially, they have to spend almost 50% of their daily budget on data alone. 

A world bank report cited by motionghnews.com, indicates that, the cost of data in low-to-middle income countries which include Ghana is too expensive.

Majority of the youths have to depend on the internet especially for their research work, source of entertainment and also on social media. Most of us depend on our businesses and we need data to market and reach out to our customers.

The telcos has so far not taken any concrete step to reduce the cost of data as they also blame government for the increase in tax amongst others. 

All attempt by our editor to speak to government officials from the ministry of information have proved futile but for now we continue to use social media and other mediums to pressure the government and the telcos reduce the cost of data. 

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