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After a successful implementation of NATION BUILDERS CORPS ( NABCO) about 3 years ago, the government has promised to recruit the beneficiaries permanently.

For the past two weeks, the government has introduced a system where all NABCO  personal can go and register and will be given the chance to be employed permanently.

But unfortunately for NABCO beneficiaries, the system isn’t  working at all or work very slow. According to the beneficiaries, the system is too slow to the point where nobody can register  during daytime.

Since the introduction of the website, almost all the beneficiaries are bitterly complaining of how inefficient the site is and how they have to get up at 12am but still without any success.

Most of this candidates claimed it might be a deliberate attempt by the government to frustrate them because there’s no ready available jobs. Our checks shows that less than 200 out of 100,000 people have successfully been able to submit their information.

“I tried uploading my certificate. Almost a week now, still no show. I have tried almost all the time. Morning, afternoon, evening night, midnight, dawn. All, still no show. Why, are they pretending or doing us 419. And they keep sending deadline reminders.” One beneficiary was lamenting.

But according  to NABCO head office, a lot of people are trying to log into the system from different countries, making the system very slow. This brings to question how efficient is the system? Is it just another political gimmick? When will this be resolved?

As the NABCO candidates are also planning to vote against the government if nothing is done to change the situation. We also plead with the authorities to do the necessary checks before the deadline. 

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