Punishment is an abuse of students right – GES to Teachers.

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Over the years, they’ve been a debate and lot of discussions on punishments in our various schools. Whiles some are of the view that teachers should be allowed to use some minimal punishment, others are also with the believe that such actions will amount to abuse of the child’s right.

The Ghana Education Service over the years have develop strategies, policies and has amended the law to ban teachers from punishing students especially during classes hours. 

Punishment may take the form of canning, suspension, manual work, dismissal, isolation, detention after school, scolding, written lines, restitution, being sent to the head master and being deprived of certain privilege.

The Service is not just stopping the old form of abuse all in the name of punishment but taking disciplinary actions against teachers that abuse the fundamental right of students. The Ghana Education Service is also evolving  modalities and corrective measures that teacher can use to correct students in the pre tertiary schools.

According to a release from GES, Chapter 5 of Ghana’s 1992 constitution is dedicated to human rights and freedom, Every teacher should consider  and respect that. “Teachers in Ghana need to understand their job and not enforce disciplines in ways that will put their professional and personal lives in jeopardy” the statement said. 

According to the Service, instead of taken the initiative to punish the student, teachers should rather report them to the head teachers who should also invite the students parents or guardians. This saves the teacher and the school from embarrassment. 

The service also advises teachers to use emotional intelligence and invest more in knowing the law and the Ghana Education Service code of conduct.

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