How Joe Biden’s weak leadership is becoming a global threat.

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Joe Biden, the 46th president  of the US and his administration are showing signs of weakness especially in the current situation facing Afghanistan and is gradually becoming a global issue coupled with lot of human right violation and how the US army was humiliated.

The Biden administration has withdrawn part of the United states troops from Afghanistan and it’s scheduled to fully evacuate the rest by the end of August 2021. A lot of analysts and international security experts has concluded that this could be seen as a major sign of weakness by the Biden administration and his inability to properly manage the rising issues from Afghanistan.

According to  political and security experts, the Biden administration has exposed itself and has demonstrated throughout their decision concerning the Taliban- US army war that it is incapable of making basic decisions. How do you withdraw American troops without any clear strategy to evacuate the American citizens? How do you trust the Talibans with our citizens? One international relations expert angrily ask.

The Taliban has a record of human rights abuses especially against women and children. Strategic blunders by the Joe Biden led administration could largely be blamed for such actions; one expect opined. 

The sudden withdrawal of the United States Army from Afghanistan will surely have international consequences as the Talibans would likely force their ideologies on both citizens and foreigners. 

Some are still calling on the United state government to reconsider their decisions and continue to engage in the Afghanistan crises looking at their over 20 years actively involvement in the country security affairs.

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